Thursday Recap

Today we went to Elias Pena and provided care to about 180 people. Many of our patients were children and the elderly. Common ailments were viral colds (Gripe), hypertension, and skin infections. Most receive vitamins, analgesics, skin creams, and antihypertensive medications. As an NP there are conditions I have never seen in the US. One interesting situation was a young man, age 17, with a breast lump, Breast cancer in men is about 8% of all breast cancer in the US, I am not sure what the statitics are in the DR. He was referred to the clinic for further evaluation. It was also a privilege to care for pregnant women. Some of them have never heard there baby’s heart beat and to see the amazement and joy in there faces is truly a gift that words can’t describe! 

It is also amazing to see how well everyone works together to accomplish patient care. The people are so patient while waiting to be seen, the Dominican interpretors are phenominal helpers-we couldn’t do the job without them (!), and the Solid Rock staff provide support as we served. Another great day in the Barrio!

Amy Knepp


Wednesday Recap

Wednesday we went out to a barrio that was about an hour from Solid Rock. In addition to seeing patients, we had some great conversations in the barrio with our translators. The construction team continued work on the wall! We enjoyed dinner out at a Dominican restaurant. Our evening worship and devotions tonight centered around the theme of being a humble servant. Read Isaiah 6 J. A huge praise: everyone in our team has remained healthy this entire trip so far. Keep the prayers coming!!!!!!!!

Tuesday Recap

Tuesday we went to a Christian school (K-12) that Solid Rock started. The school is considered one of the top schools in the area by the Dominican people. We witnessed the morning prayer and flag raising and toured the school which currently has 1200 kids. Our trip out the barrio was eventful- you will see the stretch of “road” that we could not cross unless we all got off the bus! Our 2nd day we saw some really sick people and were able to make some referrals to a couple of the surgical teams that will be coming in the next few weeks through Solid Rock! We have included a few action shots of our providers seeing patients. The construction team worked on a cement wall around the hospital. They did this in the 90° heat- they are our heroes! There have also been conversations on construction about God with one of the translators who seems to be seeking Him. In the evening, we played baseball with a boys’ Dominican baseball team. The theme of our evening devotions was change. How we, as well as everything in our lives are constantly changing but God does not change!  

Monday Recap

On Monday morning our team went to the market in San Juan on our way out to the barrio (neighborhood) where we provided health care services. We went to the community of Bastida. This is the place where Brookside has helped to build a church and where our youth teams have conducted vacation bible school. We treated 170 people, most of whom were children under the age of 13. The Evangelist and several of our team members went out into the community and had the opportunity to share the gospel and pray with several Dominicans.

The Pastor in Bastidas gathered our at the end of the day to thank us and to say that he will be praying for us.

Thank you for your prayers. They sustain and protect us. Our team has remained safe and healthy, to this point as I am writing this on Tuesday morning. We are working well together and building relationships with one another, as we learn more about who God is and the world he has created.

Isn’t it amazing that we serve a Sovereign God who loves us!

Blessings to you from the Dominican Republic. In His service,

Mindy Yoder

In San Juan!

After a 3 hour bus ride that made a pit stop for ice cream bars we have arrived at the Solid Rock guest house in San Juan.

After unloading bags we went through orientation, then we broke into medical and construction teams for a debrief of the week.

We unloaded all of our donations and medical supplies to get them sorted. The medical team is all sorted and ready to go into a barrio (neighborhood) tomorrow.

The team also went to a Dominican church and listened to worship and a sermon in Spanish. They sang familiar songs that we could sing in English. O Come the Alter and This is Amazing Grace were a couple of them. It is wonderful to see other cultures worship together.

Arrived in Santo Domingo

We arrived in Santo Domingo around 1 pm and had about an hour drive to our guest house for the night. We are waiting for 2 team members to arrive, everyone will meet in the morning to travel to San Juan de la Maguana. It’s about a 3 hour drive to our guest house for the week.

We had a great homemade Dominican dinner and had time to relax, swim and build new relationships. 

Everyone is excited to get settled tomorrow and serve.

Thank you for your prayers!

Supply bags are packed

On Sunday afternoon the team met and packed large suitcases with supplies that will be donated. The team packed about 25 large suitcases full of supplies.

Supplies included: Medical supplies, vitamins, medicine, shampoo, soap, school supplies, construction supplies, and toys.

Thank you for all your donations!

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