Thursday’s Recap

A good day for the medical team! We traveled about 45 minutes northwest of San Juan to farmland where the locals grow corn and other staples, avocado groves, and raise cattle. We were able to care for a small barrio, a little over 100 patients today. We were thankful for our Dominican ministry assistants who new creole so we could care for some Haitians along with many of the Dominicans in the area. What did God do today? He provided a beautiful day; He provided enough supplies and medications so we could treat our patients;and He provided opportunity for us to love others. This has been another amazing week for me, personally. One of my prayer requests was for health this week and God has been answering this prayer. He has kept me healthy and strong to do His work and serve others. Our team has had some illnesses this week and in spite of missing a provider for 2 out of the 4 days, we have been able to accomplish all He has planned for us to do. I am also glad I could support the others who have not felt well. If you have never served God out of your comfort zone then this is the place to be! HE IS AWESOME!!

Today on the construction site we were back to the full crew for only the 2nd time this week. Yesterday we had a setback in getting the mixer running, so today we had a lot of concrete to make. We went through about 15 bags of cement mix today.  On the construction site we have a great week of working hard in the sun and building relationships with the Dominican construction translators.


Tuesday’s Recap

The day in the “The Valley of Sharp Peter:” (English name….unsure of Dominican name)

The day began with a beautiful breeze and sun at the school. It is always great to see the children singing and dancing. After a quick tour, we loaded the buses and road about 45 minutes to a very rural village. We set up our clinic in a car port by a house. It was all open air, which was a nice change from yesterday. We were entertained all day with roosters, chickens, and a very adorable black puppy. We saw all ages; from young to old, from healthy to ill. There were so many needs today that we were able to help. As always, I was blessed and moved and wished I could do more for some of them. This is my second trip to Solid Rock and I am continually amazed by the love and support the Dominicans have for their families and for each other. We were invading their space yet  constantly being asked what we needed and if we wanted coffee or food. Such a hard concept to grasp coming from our culture where healthcare providers are looked at as concierge to their needs. Another piece of my heart has been permanently growing roots in the Dominican.

Construction today continued working on the wall by filling the columns up with cement and then putting up more forms for the cap on top of the wall. The materials we use are quite different and cause for us to be very flexible when working. The forms for the top of the wall are about eight feel long and weigh roughly 30 lbs. They have to be level and then nailed up so they stay put; this whole process is truly a test of teamwork. We get to work side by side with several Dominican team members, all of whom have a great sense of humor and great work ethic. We are constantly reminded that these Dominicans are just like us in so many ways. We have similar jokes, similar personalities, similar struggles, but most importantly we have the same God. It is just so amazing to grow in brotherhood with these men and talk about our faith which knows no boundaries or language barriers. We truly serve a God that is above all. This week will hold many more great opportunities to worship our God in many different ways.

Monday Recap

Thanks for your prayers! All members of our team are healthy! We are working well together and enjoying each others’ sense of humor…maybe? Today the medical team went to Bastidas which is the neighborhood that Brookside helped to build a church. We set up our clinic in that church today- the church is named ‘Brookside”! We saw about 200 patients today, from ages 4 months to 93 years old. We saw LOTS of children. Rashes, infections, hypertension, diabetes, anemia, gastritis, allergies, muscle/joint/back pain were among the common ailments. A couple of us also did some home visits for the elderly who were not able to walk to the clinic- the Evangelist came with us and we had the opportunity to share God’s love and pray for people. One 80 year old lady came to know Christ today in her home!

The construction team worked on the wall at the new hospital. This week the construction team will be working on forming columns and caps for the wall. We also had the opportunity to build a custom door for the back of the Revolution property. Dave Stotlar is using his welding skills to fabricate something to fit the needs of the property. Today was a sunny hot day filled with lots of jokes and even more hard work!

Our entire team also had an opportunity to visit the local market where we are staying (San Juan de la Maguana). Our favorite Dominican souvenirs are coffee, cinnamon, and vanilla. Tonight, devotions and games are on our schedule. 🙂


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